Digital Contact Sensor



Product outline

ULE-50 is a digital contact sensor designed for use with FS2000 and F381A-LDI.


  • 50mm stroke for various workpieces.
  • Robotic cable for installation on moving parts.
  • Ideal for use with FS2000,F381A-LDI indicator.
  • By using it with a load cell and “FS2000,F381A-LDI” force vs. displacement measurement can be performed!!!

Example of use : Press-fitting with force vs. displacement measurement



Model ULE-50
Displacement measurement method Optical incremental linear encoder
Measurement range 50mm
Measurement resolution 10μm (When connected to a UNIPULSE indicator (F381A-LDI or FS2000) : 2.5μm)
Measurement accuracy 10μm or less
Response speed 500mm/s
Contact measurement capacity When installed vertically downward: Approx. 2.8N
When installed horizontally: Approx. 2.6N
When installed vertically upward: Approx. 2.3N
Output signal Differential line driver signal with 90° phase difference (RS-422A compliant)
Output pulse AB-phase pulse 5000 pulse/50mm (10μm/pulse)
Z-phase pulse Origin signal will start to be output as the probe is being pushed to a position of 1mm from the position when it is laid freely.

Operating temperature range -10℃ to +40℃ (No icing/condensation)
Storage temperature range -20℃ to +60℃ (No icing/condensation)
Dustproof and waterproof Equivalent to IP65
Probe φ3mm steel ball (mounting screw: M2.5 (P=0.45), screw length 6mm)
Stem diameter φ12mm
Connector Body: HR30-7R-12P (71) Cable: HR30-7P-12S (71)
Cable Robot cable (Length 2 m)
Weight Approx. 350g
Power supply voltage DC4.5 to 30V
Current consumption Approx. 0.1A or less
Attachments Connection cable (Robot cable: Length 2 m)
Sliding endurance Over 10 million times (according to our durability test)

External dimension