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MBR Mechanical Brake Rollers 1


MBR Mechanical Brake Rollers


MBR Mechanical Brake Rollers


MBR (Mechanical Brake Roller)

incorporates a speed controller which uses the centrifugal force generated in the brake shoe as the gear amplifies roller rotation with load transportation.

Using no power source and relying on the force of gravity, MBR is the ultimate energy-saving brake roller. (The sensor and stopper require a power source.)

This mechanism not only saves the operator´s labor but also allows the load to stop or slow down gently without damage to it.

MBR can be used for various purposes including low-speed conveyance or prevention of uncontrollable operation in self-propelled conveyors,

and speed reduction before a turnaround or transfer machine.

Features of MBR

● Braking or deceleration automatically occurs when load speed exceeds a given level.

● Can be installed just in a place where you wish to decrease the conveying speed.

● No need for an electric power source or air source.

● Safe conveyance without damage to loads

● Useful for self-propelled conveyor lines. A wide application range.

(Loads can be separated easily when combined with idle rollers. The conveyor angle can be set easily.)

● Compact speed controller built in a pipe with a diameter of 57 or 60 mm -- first in the industry

● User-friendly snap-on attachment

(An idle roller with a diameter of 57 or 60 mm can be easily replaced with an MBR.)