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Digital Indicator FS2000 1


Digital indicator with SD card slot & high sampling rate


Digital Indicator FS2000


Product outline

The best solution for OK/NOK judgment of press fitting and caulking application !! High responsiveness of 5kHz to fully utilize the performance of Super Cell !!

A fluctuation of force is shown as a waveform.

FS2000 is a digital indicator integrated with a strain gauge sensor that can display physical quantities such as pressure, load and torque in waveforms. It is able to visually capture in waveforms the fluctuations in physical quantities which are difficult to capture by only numerical values. With a 25000 times per second for high-speed processing, it is also ideal for narrow value fluctuations and comes equipped with a HI/LO limit comparison function, various hold functions and judgment function. FS2000 can be used in a wide-range of applications such as in control systems used in production control, automatic devices or testers.

OK/NOK judgment with 2ch sensor inputs !!

Two-dimensional OK/NOK judgement can be performed with a load cell and displacement sensor.

Comparison & hold function by waveform display

■ Waveform comparison

This function compares the actual measurement waveform against the setup High/Low limit waveforms and will give out an NOK judgment when any of the point exceeded the preset High/Low limit waveforms.

■ Multi-point judgment

OK/NOK judgment can be performed on multi points in one process. (e.g. The start point and end point of press fitting can be judged respectively.)(Max. 5 points)