The UNIPULSE strain gage Digitizing Instruments for Force/Production control allow high accuracy and ultra high speed (to 4000 updates per second) in various measuring applications for pressure, load, torque, acceleration, displacement, flow, etc. Settings for track, peak, valley, and other operational selections allow these instruments to be of use in most production and quality controlling applications.
The UNIPULSE Weighing Controllers are adaptable to a wide range of weighing applications. Precise measurement and control of Hopper scales, Packing scales, Checkweighing scales and Batching systems are easily achieved. High speed A/D conversion rates allows top speed and accuracy for your applications. Unique displays specific to the appropriate application, allow for excellent MMI interfacing. Various communication protocols, enable users to build up sophisticated weighing systems within an overall PC/PLC process control system.
The UNIPULSE Data Logger Series are easy to transport and are widely used for data collecting in various fields such as temperature, humidity, water level, precise displacement and so on. Power-save functions reduce the electricity consumption and improve on site life cycles. With the large capacity memory and the power save capability, the UNIPULSE data logger is enabled to collect data for very long periods of time. Data from the Data Loggers can be dumped into PC by simple operation.
The UNIPULSE Peripheral Equipment is available to provide the needed sub-components to provide you with the exact weight force, or production control systems you need. Single source supplying eliminates the need for complex setup and simplifies vendor responsibility decisions. In most cases a simple two-wire connection is all it takes to interface UNIPULSE instrumentation and UNIPULSE support devices. Quality Control, Supervisor visibility, and application alarm capabilities are just some of the advantages your application site can have when using UNIPULSE peripheral devices.

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