Shinko?s electromagnetic clutch brakes have earned a solid reputation for high reliability and durability. Our Clutch BL series for OA applications offers an ideal lineup for the paper-feeding mechanisms in such devices as printers, copiers and fax machines; our negative-actuated electromagnetic clutch/brakes gets the job done in industrial robots and NC machine tools; our linear drive units deliver effortless horizontal and vertical transport in various kinds of automated equipment and processes; our elevator brakes give architects broader freedom in building design; and automobile clutch/brakes help high function of a car and labor saving of a user.
Vibratory equipment is used to process many different powdered materials, ranging from food to glass,ceramics, plastics, paints, medical supplies, cosmetics, metals, magnetic materials, and even waste materials. As a leading manufacturer of this type of equipment, Shinko offers a wide selection of advanced products, including transport equipment such as vibrating conveyors and electromagnetic feeders, various types of vibrating screens, and equipment used in drying and cooling applications. With their high productivity and stability, these advanced machines contribute to the streamlining of powdered material processing.
Shinko parts feeders can handle anything from delicate, tiny electronic chips to largescale components to systematically supply various kinds of production and processing lines. The many models we offer are designed to optimally satisfy such requirements as supply speed, precision, stability and reliability. We also offer specialized parts handling systems that can accommodate advanced computerized lines, clean rooms, and other demanding applications..

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